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Exclusive racing equipment provider of 2015 European Club Crew Championship -PS Boat

Source:2015-09-07 09:36:34
 The 2015 European Club Crew Championship took place in Divonne-Les-Bains of France from the period of 30th July to the 2nd August 2015. This Championship was organized by International Dragon Boat Federation, European Dragon Boat Federation and Government of Dion, France.  Mr.Zhu Peiwen, the president of Shanghai Peisheng Boat Co.,Ltd, was invited by 2015 ECCC Organizing Committee as Special Partner and Sponsor to attend the championship  and medals presentation to the excellent paddlers and victory teams.

The moment of the championship
Entrance of paddlers
Awarded by Mr.Claudio Shermi (Vice-president of International Dragon Boat Federation) and Mr.Zhu Peiwen (President of PS-Boat)
Shanghai Peisheng Boat Co., Ltd is appointed by IDBF and EDBF as the exclusive racing equipment provider of the 2015 European Club Crew Championship  in Divonne-Les-Bains, France. This championship lasted for three days. More than one thousand paddlers joined all levels of racing. The active and excited mood surrounded all the scene of action. The Pei Sheng brand Dragon boats, including  the IDBF-1222 standard dragon boats and new IDBF-912 High Performance Dragon Boats, have lots of features, such as good quality and technology, beautiful shape, stable performance, fast speed and high safety. PS-Boat company also sent working stuffs at the regatta course to provide site support and ensure a smooth championship.
French teenagers club and PS-Boat
Mr. Mike Haslam (President of International Dragon Boat Federation) is presenting the eye-doting ceremony.
Mr. Alan Van Caubergh (President of European Dragon Boat Federation) and Mr. Zhu Peiwen are presenting the eye-doting ceremony.
The moment of the race
Paddlers celebrating their victory
PS-Boat was highly praised by IDBF and EDBF technical officials, club coaches and crews from all European clubs in the Championship. Because of the strength and perfect team work, the team of Germany got the wonderful achievement. The German paddlers said: “It’s the first time that we paddle in the PS-dragon boat. We are very impressed by these boats with excellent and stable performance in water and wonderful shape.”
The International Dragon Boat Federation issued the Certificate of Honor to Shanghai Peisheng Boat Company, to praise and mark our great support and whole-heartedly service for the 2015 ECCC.